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NEWS Implementation Plan

January 18, 2007
* It is recognized that this document will be modified to reflect the new NASA organizational structure.
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NEWS Implementation Plan Executive Summary (January 2007)

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NEWS '05 Discovery and Product projects

Project #PICoIsPOCE-mailTitle
D020Jay Famiglietti, UC Irvine Ph: 949 824-9434Don Chambers UT Austin, Steve Nerem CU Boulder, Isabella Velicogna JPLEni Njoku Ph: 818 354-3693
A Study of the First Global Measurements of the Water Cycle
D044John Roads, UCSD Ph: 858 534-2099N/ABill Rossow Ph:212-650-5389
Global Water and Energy Budgets
D114William Olson,GSFC Ph: 301 614-6314Mircea Grecu,Chung-Lin Shie, GEST/UMBC and GSFCEni Njoku Ph: 818 354-3693
Calibration and Analysis of Global Latent Heating Estimates Using Passive and Active Microwave Sensor Data
D118Ruby Leung, BPNL Ph: 509 372-6182Daniel Rosenfeld Hebrew Univ. of Jerusalem, Steven J. Ghan Pacific Northwest National LaboratoryBill Lapenta Ph: 256-961-7834
Aerosol Effects on Cold Season Orographic Precipitation and Water Resources in the Western US
D209Allen Betts, Atmopsheric Research Ph: 802 483-2087Mike Bosilovich GSFCBill Lapenta Ph: 256-961-7834
Understanding the Coupling of Surface, Boundary Layer, Cloud and Radiative Processes in the Global Water and Energy Cycle
D423Siegfried Schubert, GSFC Ph: 301 614-6145Max Suarez, Randal Koster, Philip Pegion NASA/GSFC/ GMAO, Dave Gutzler UNM, Dennis Lettenmaier UW, Aris Georgakakos Georgia Tech Paul Houser Ph: 301 931-7280
On the Causes and Predictability of Multi-Year North American Droughts with Applications to Drought Monitoring and Water Management
D471Scott Denning, CSU Ph: 970 491-6936Lixin Lu, Reto Stöckli Colorado State University Adam Schlosser Ph: 617 253-3983 casch@MIT.EDU
A Global Vegetation Modeling System for NEWS
P053Frank Wentz, RSS Ph: 707 545-2904Kyle Hilburn, Remote Sensing SystemsBing Lin Ph: 757 864-9823
A Hydrologically-Consistent Multi-Satellite Climatology of Water Vapor Transport, Evaporation and Precipitation Over the Oceans
P133Tim Liu, JPL Ph: 818 354-2394Wenqing Tang, Xiaosu Xie (JPL) Bing Lin Ph: 757 864-9823
Oceanic Influence on Global Hydrological Cycle
P134Brian Soden, U. Miami Ph: 305 421-4916Viju John, Angie Pendergrass; University of Miami Collaborators: Held, Ramaswamy, NOAA/GFDL Adam Schlosser Ph: 617 253-3983 casch@MIT.EDU
The Sensitivity of the Global Water and Energy Cycles: An Integrated Assessment of Models and Observations
P143Michael Bosilovich, GSFC Ph: 301 614-6147Pete Robertson NASA MSFC, Robert Adler NASA GSFC Bill Lapenta Ph: 256-961-7834
Evaluation of NASA’s Global Water Cycle Data: Interannual Variability, Interdecadal Changes and Trends
P147Tristan L’Ecuyer, CSU Ph: 970 491-8370Graeme Stephens, Zhengzhao Luo; Colorado State University Bill Rossow Ph:212-650-5389
New Satellite Energy Balance and Water Cycle Products for the Study of Interactions between Atmospheric Hydrology and the Earth’s Radiation Budget
P152Bob Adler, GSFC Ph: 301 614-6290George Huffman GSFC/SSAI, Guojun Gu GSFC/GEST, Scott Curtis East Carolina U.Adam Schlosser Ph: 617 253-3983 casch@MIT.EDU
Global Precipitation Analysis for Climate and Weather Studies
P170Eric Fetzer, JPL Ph: 818 354-0649Bjorn H. Lambrigtsen, Fredrick W. Irion, William G. Read , Duane E. Waliser, JPL Bing Lin Ph: 757 864-9823
A Merged Atmospheric Water Data Set from the A-Train
P179Bruce Wielicki, Langley Ph: 757 864-5683David Winker, Thomas Charlock, Paul Stackhouse, Patrick Minnis, Kuan-man Xu, NASA LaRC, Graeme Stephens, Colorado State University, William Collins, NCAR, Norman Loeb, Hampton UniversityBob Schiffer Ph: 410 455-8810
An A-Train Integrated Aerosol, Cloud, and Radiation Data Product
P223Judith Curry,Georgia Tech Ph: 404 894-3948Peter Webster, Emanuele DiLorenzo, Georgia Tech, Carol Ann Clayson, Florida State, Anastasia Romanou, Columbia Univ. Bill Rossow Ph: 212-650-5389
Global Analysis of Ocean Surface Fluxes of Heat and Freshwater
P226Randy Koster, GSFC Ph: 301 614-5781Max Suarez GMAO, NASA/GSFC Rolf Reichle, Julio Bacmeister UMBC/GEST Adam Schlosser, Ph: 617 253-3983 casch@MIT.EDU
Effects of Land-Atmosphere Coupling Strength and Soil Moisture Initialization Uncertainty on Subseasonal Rainfall and Temperature Prediction
P433Soroosh Sorooshian, UC Irvine Ph: 949 824-8821Kuolin Hsu Bisher Imam Xiaogang Gao Yang Hong UC Irvine, Phillip Arkin ESSIC, Eyal Amitai NASA/GSFCAdam Schlosser Ph: 617 253-3983 casch@MIT.EDU
The Challenges of Utilizing Satellite Precipitation Data for Hydrologic Applications
P435Christa Peters-Lidard, GSFC Ph: 301-614-5811Mike Bosilovich, Matt Rodell, William Lau NASA/GSFC, Joe Santanello, Jiun-Dar Chern UMBC/GEST Paul Houser Ph: 301 931-7280
NASA Model and Observation Products for the Study of Land Atmosphere Coupling and its Impact on Water and Energy Cycles
P448Matt Rodell, GSFC Ph: 301 286-9143Christa Peters-Lidard NASA/GSFC, Rolf Reichle, Sujay Kumar, Jesse Meng UMBC/GEST, Richard Kelly UMBC/GESTPaul Houser Ph: 301 931-7280
Integration of Energy and Water Cycle Research Products in a Global Land Surface Modeling and Assimilation System
S009Duane Waliser, JPL Ph: 818 393-4094Huug Van den Dool CPC, Hua-lu Pan NOAA, Siegfried Schubert NASA/GSFCAdam Schlosser Ph: 617 253-3983 casch@MIT.EDU
Predictability and Model Verification of the Water and Energy Cycles: Linking Local, Regional and Global Scales
S018Dennis Lettenmaier, U.Washington Ph: 206-543-253Dennis Lettenmaier UW, Eric Wood Princeton Univ, Pavel Groisman UCARPaul Houser Ph: 301 931-7280
Use of International Polar Year Data to Improve Attribution of Long-Term Hydrologic Changes in Artic Eurasian Land Areas
S038Sally McFarlane, PNNL Ph: 509 375-6402Evgueni Kassianov, Jennifer Comstock, PNNLBob Schiffer Ph: 410 455-8810
Long-Term Regional Aerosol and Cloud Vertical Distributions Over the ARM Sites
S040Yongxiang Hu, LaRC Ph: 757 864-9824 Bruce Wielicki LaRCBill Rossow Ph:212-650-5389
New Approaches to Climate Prediction Uncertainty and to Determination of Climate Observation System Requirements
S043Xiquan Dong, U. N. DakotaRCBob Schiffer Ph: 410 455-8810
A Study of Arctic Radiation Budget using CERES/MODIS Satellite and ARM NSA Surface Observations and NASA GISS Model

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