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NEWS Implementation Plan

January 18, 2007
* It is recognized that this document will be modified to reflect the new NASA organizational structure.
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NEWS Implementation Plan Executive Summary (January 2007)

Download the IP Executive Summary


AMS 2012_Jackson Evaluation of the satellite microwave multi-sensor retrieval of near-surface humidity and temperature using SAMOS
Observations and implications on satellite-derived heat and gas flux products
(1M PDF file)

2012 Chapman Conference: Huffman et. al., Upgrades to the Real-Time TMPA (2M PPT file)

AMS 2012_Lipton, Land Surface Evaporation Analysis with Satellite and Land Surface Model Data (2M PDF file)

Shie et.al_2011_The Goddard Satellite-Based Surface Turbulent Fluxes (GSSTF) Datasets and the Uncertainties/Impact due to the SSM/I Brightness Temperature (4M PDF file)

Santanello et. al_AGU 2011_Diagnosing the Nature of Land-Atmosphere Coupling During the 2006-7 Dry/Wet Extremes in the US. Southern Great Plains (1M PDF file)

Hilburn, K., and C.L. Shie, AGU 2011_Decadal Trends and Variability in SSM/I Brightness Temperatures and Earth Incidence Angle (1.2M PDF file)

Belvedere_6/18/10_NEWS Integration (3.12M PDF file)

Belvedere_9/27/10_NEWS Integration (updated version) (4.69M PDF file)

Gu_9/27/10_Exploring the relationships between precipitation and surface temperature (10.9M PDF file)

Scott_9/27/10_A comparison of numerically modeled flux data and satellite derived SeaFlux data for warm core seclusions (1.22M PDF file)

Hilburn_9/27/10_Description of Remote Sensing Systems Version-7 Geophysical Retrievals

Bogdanoff_9/27/10 _A diurnally varying sea surface temperature dataset using a next generation parameterization

Robertson_9/27/10_Impact of the Evolving Satellite Data Record on Reanalysis Water and Energy Fluxes During the Past 30 Years

Wick_9/27/10_Diagnosis of Systematic Errors in Atmospheric River Forecasts Using Observations of Integrated Water Vapor

Adler: Trends and Inter-annual Variations in Surface Temperature, Water Vapor and Precipitation and the Impact of ENSO and Volcanoes

Deng: Dynamical and Hydrological Fingerprints of the East Asian Cold Surge over the North Pacific

Gu: Comparing the ENSO and Volcanic Effects on the Evolution of Precipitation and Temperature Anomalies During the Period of 1979-2008

Kempler: Results of the Collaborative Energy and Water Cycle Information Services (CEWIS) Workshop on Heterogeneous Dataset Analysis Preparation

Kennedy: A Comparison of MERRA and NARR Reanalyses with the DOE ARM SGP Continuous Forcing Data

Olson: Atmospheric Diabatic Heating Distributions Derived from a Combination of Satellite Sensor Data

Schlosser: Climate-induced Shifts in Extreme Precipitation Events Based on Resolved Atmospheric Changes

Zib: Evaluation of Cloud Fraction and Radiative Fluxes in Recent Reanalyses over the Artic using Surface Observations

2013 AGU Poster: Taylor and Itterly - Evaluation of the Tropical TOA Flux Diurnal Cycle in Reanalysis Models

2013 AGU Poster: Hilburn and Smith - Validation and Early Science from AMSR@

2013 AGU Poster: Extremes Working Group Summary Poster/ Could the 2012 drought have been anticipated?

2013 AGU Poster: Evaluation of ET simulated by WRF 3.5.1 coupled to CLM 4.0 with Remotely Sensed Data

2013 AGU Poster: Hubbard Quantifying the Relative Roles of Local Versus Remote Effects on North American Summertime Drought

2013 AGU Poster: Rapp and L’Ecuyer: Cloud and precipitation impacts on the energy budget of a low cloud regime

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