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NEWS Implementation Plan

January 18, 2007
* It is recognized that this document will be modified to reflect the new NASA organizational structure.
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NEWS Implementation Plan Executive Summary (January 2007)

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2014 Presentations
GEWEX 7th International Scientific Conference on the Global Water and Energy Cycle

Over 560 scientists, managers, and students from 45 countries attended the event. 436 posters were presented, covering Conference topics that addressed research on water resources, extremes such as drought and floods, new analyses from observations and data sets, studies of the processes involved; weather climate and hydrological model development and exploitation, applications of the information, technology transfer of new research into operational results, and research capacity development and training for the next generation of scientists.
Oral presentations are linked to each day's program: find Monday's presentations here, Tuesday's here, Wednesday's here, and Thursday's here.
Posters can be found on the day when they were presented: Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. For an overview of which posters were presented on which days, see For more information go to

Su_Clouds, Circulation and Sensitivity, May 2014
Bosilovich_Quantifying observation influence on regional water budgets in reanalyses, May 2014
Allen_2014 NEWS Team Meeting
Santanello_Investigating the Impact of Land-PBL Coupling on the Water and Energy Cycle in NASA Model and Observation Products
Schubert_2014 NEWS Team Meeting
Olson_2014 NEWS Team Meeting
Adler_2014 NEWS Team Meeting
Kilic_2014 NEWS Team Meeting meeting
Houser_2014 NEWS Meeting
Lettenmaier_Assessment of the role of surface water storage in the terrestrial water budget
Rapp_2014 NEWS Team Meeting
Kato_2014 NEWS Team Meeting
Taylor_2014 NEWS Team Meeting
Bourassa_2014: Potential Water & Winds Mission for NEWS
Clayson_2014 NEWS Team Meeting
Houser_2014 The NASA Energy and Water cycle Study (NEWS)
Pinker_2014 NEWS Team Meeting
2014 Rodell: Satellite Based Observations of the Terrestrial Water Cycle
Robertson_2014 NEWS Team Meeting

2013 Meeting Working Group Presentations
Adler_Climate Shift working group overview
Clayson_ELH working group overview
Wang_Extremes working group overview

2013 Presentations
Field_Isotopic constraints on moist processes over the tropics in NASA GISS ModelE2
Kato_Investigation of Earth radiation budget variability by cloud object analysis
Bennartz_The role of boundary layer clouds in the global energy and water cycle: An integrated assessment using satellite observations
Jiang_Investigation of Atmospheric Recycling Rate from Observation and Model
Norris_Observed Tropical Expansion: Impact on the Hydrological and Energy Cycles
Taylor_TOA radiative flux diurnal cycle variability
Houser_NEWS Challenge: Document and enable improved, observationally-based, predictions of water and energy cycle consequences of Earth system variability and change
Bosilovich_Quantifying observation influence on regional water budgets in reanalyses
Overeem_Braided River Dynamics, Kangerlussuaq Fjord
Rodell_The NEWS Water and Energy Cycle Climatology
Kilic_Quantifying the Relative Roles of Local Versus Remote Effects on North American Summertime Drought
Curry_Integrated analysis of atmospheric water cycle in intense marine storms
Lettenmaier_Assessment of the role of surface water storage in the terrestrial water budget
Rapp_Quantifying the water & energy budgets of marine subsidence regions
Schubert_Warm-Season Short-term Climate Extremes in the Northern Hemisphere in a Changing Climate: The Role of Stationary RossbyWaves
Wang_Identifying extreme precipitation "hot spots"...

2012 Presentations
Trammell 2012 AGU Investigation of Atmospheric Recycling Rate from Observation and Model
2012 AGU Chapman Conference on Remote Sensing of the Terrestrial Water Cycle (abstracts)
Santanello_AMS 2012_Diagnosing the Nature of Local Land-Atmosphere Coupling: A Case Study of Dry/Wet Extremes

2011 Presentations
Jung-Eun_ AGU_2011: On the seasonal variation of stable isotopic composition of precipitation over Asian monsoon region
Ralph and Dettinger_ 2011: Storms, Floods and the Science of Atmospheric Rivers
Vinukollu et. al., 2011: Multi-model, multi-sensor estimates of global evapotranspiration: climatology, uncertainties and trends
Lee and Fung the seasonal variation of stable isotopic composition of precipitation over Asian monsoon region
Famiglietti_Indicators of Water Cycle Acceleration
Anderson_Assess Terrestrial Evapotranspiration
Sorooshian_High Res Sattelite Precip Estimation
ELH WG Update
Extremes WG Update
Modeling WG Update
Rodell_ Climatology WG Updates

WCRP Open Science Conference
October 24-28, 2011

Carbon Cycle & Ecosystems (CC&E) Joint Science Workshop Presentations
October 3-7, 2011, Hilton Alexandria Mark Center, Alexandria, VA

2011 NASA-USDA Evapotranspiration Workshop
To view presentations go to:

NASA Global Drought Monitoring workshop, April 2011
To view presentations go to:

TRACE Initial Community Discussion Workshop, April 18-20, 2011
To view presentations go to:

2010 AGU Fall Meeting Presentations
Bosilovich -MERRA: Observing System Variations Effect on Reanalyses
Dong - Investigation of the 2006 Drought and 2007 Flood Extremes at the SGP Through an Integrative Analysis of Observations
Doorn - Using NASA Products of the Water Cycle for Improved Water Resources Management
Famiglietti - Indicators of Water Cycle Acceleration from GRACE and NASA NEWS Datasets
Feng - Improving Satellite-based Precipitation Estimate by using Integration of Ground Radar and GOES Observations
Grecu - An Algorithm for Estimating Precipitation Using Combined Radar-Radiometer Observations from GPM
Groisman - Changes in Intense Precipitation Over the Conterminous U.S.
Santanello - Diagnosing the Local Land-Atmosphere Coupling )LoCo) in Models and Observations
Santanello - Land-Atmosphere Coupling Studies Using NASA's LIS-WRF System
Rodell - The NEWS Water and Energy Cycle Climatology Project

Global Energy and Water Cycle EXperiment (3.9M PPT-format document)
Societal Benefit of GEWEX and related Water Cycle Research (4.5M PDF-format document)
WaterNet: Enhancing an Integrated Assessment Model (IAM) (PDF-format document)
Understanding the Role of Water Vapor Transport Anomalies in Asian and African Monsoon Droughts Using New Satellite Observations (7.5M PDF-format document)
Adler_9/27/10_Inter-annual Variations and Trends in Surface Temperature, Water Vapor and Precipitation and the Impact of ENSO and Volcanoes
Clayson_9/27/10_Extreme events in the SeaFlux turbulent flux dataset
Olson_9/27/10_Atmospheric Diabatic Heating Distributions Derived from a Combination of Satellite Sensor Data
Chen_9/27/10_The Impact of ATOVS Radiance in MERRA Reanalysis
Shie_9/27/10_A Recently Revived of Satellite-based Global Air-sea Surface Turbulent Fluxes, Features and Applications

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