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NEWS Implementation Plan

January 18, 2007
* It is recognized that this document will be modified to reflect the new NASA organizational structure.
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NEWS Implementation Plan Executive Summary (January 2007)

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Annual Reports 2010 (PDF-format documents)

Adler --- Global Precipitation Variations & Extremes
Albertson --- Identifying Controls and Predictability of Extreme Drought Persistence from Remote Sensing Data
Bourassa --- Improved Fields of Satellite-Derived Ocean Surface Turbulent Fluxes of Energy and Moisture
Deng --- Investigating the Dynamical Control of the Pacific Storm Track on the Occurrence of Extreme Hydrological Events in the western United States Using NASA Observations and Models
Entekhabi --- Shifts in Extreme Precipitation Events Based on Resolved Atmospheric Changes
Lipton --- Toward Assimilation of Satellite Data in Modeling Water Vapor Fluxes over Land
Schmidt --- Satellite and Model Constraints on Water Cycling Responses to ENSO and Tropical Variability using Water Isotopes
Sorooshian --- Impacts of Irrigation on regional climate, hydrology variability
Wood --- Development and Diagnostic Analysis of a Multidecdal Global Evaporation Product for NEWS


Annual Reports 2009 (PDF-format documents)

Adler --- Global Precipitation Variations & Extremes
Bosilovich --- MERRA Analysis and Diagnostics
Curry --- Global analysis of ocean surface fluxes of heat and freshwater: satellite products, NWP analyses, and CMIP simulations
Dong --- Study of Arctic Radiation Budget using CERES/MODIS Satellite and ARM NSA Surface Observations and NASA GISS Model
Fetzer --- Merged Atmospheric Water Data Set from the A-Train
Hu --- Perturbed Physics Ensemble Modeling: Linking Water Cycle to NASA Observations
Lettenmaier --- Use of International Polar Year data to improve attribution of long-term hydrologic changes in Arctic Eurasian land areas
Lin --- Studies on Integrated Satellite Global Energy Climatology
McFarlane --- Long-Term Regional Cloud Vertical Distributions Over the ARM Sites
Peters-Lidard and Tao --- NASA Model and Observation Products for the Study of Land Atmosphere Coupling and its Impact on Water and Energy Cycles
Rodell --- Integration of Energy and Water Cycle Research Products in a Global Land Surface Modeling and Assimilation System
Rossow --- The NASA Energy and Water Cycle Study Science Integration Team (NSIT)
Schlosser NEWCCU --- The NEWS Energy and Water Cycle Climatology (NEWCC) project
Schlosser NSIT --- The NASA Energy and Water cycle Study Science Integration Team:   MIT’s Supporting Activities and Research
Sorooshian --- The Challenges of Utilizing Satellite Precipitation Data for Hydrologic Applications
Waliser NSIT --- Predictability and Model Verification of the Water and Energy Cycles:   Linking Local, Regional and Global Scales
Wentz --- NEWS Annual Progress Report for July 2008 - July 2009: NASA Contract NNG05GR38G with Remote Sensing Systems
Wielicki and Kato --- An A-train integrated aerosol, cloud, and radiation data product


Annual Reports 2008 (PDF-format documents)

Betts_ Understanding the coupling of surface, boundary layer, cloud and radiative processes in the Global Water and Energy Cycle
Bosilovich_Evaluation of NASA’s Global Water Cycle Data: Interannual Variability, Inter-decadal Changes and Trends
Fetzer_A Merged Atmospheric Water Data Set from the A-Train
Leung_Aerosol Effects on Cold Season Orographic Precipitation and Water Resources in the Western US
McFarlane_Long-term Regional Cloud Vertical Distributions over the ARM Sites
Olson_Calibration and Analysis of Global Latent Heating Estimates Using Passive and Active Microwave Sensor Data
Schubert_On the Causes and Predictability of Multi-Year North American Droughts with Applications to Drought Monitoring and Water Management
Wielicki_An A-Train Integrated Aerosol, Cloud, and Radiation Data Product


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